The Earth's Creations Story

Welcome to Earth's Creations, Inc. and Artistic Teak Traders Inc. We are a U.S. company dedicated to designing and producing the finest indoor and outdoor teak furniture and hand-carved teak carvings.

Our new franchise name is Earth's Creations. Artistic Teak is only one of the many brands under this name. To better serve and meet the great demand of our products, we are expanding our 25,000 sq. ft. U.S. facility this year, and build a much larger manufacturing center in Java.

Most of our products are our own special designs. They are all handmade and no two are alike. Most of our teak furniture is solid teak, made from the leftover and discarded parts of the teak tree, stumps, roots and limbs. These parts were left in the forest as waste many years ago when they were cutting so many teak trees to build the great wooden sailing ships. Now, many years later, we've discovered these forgotten parts and the beautiful things that we could make from them. We like to say "God created the beautiful teak wood, we just make something out of it." We leave as much of the natural shape, holes, cracks and natural imperfections in the wood as we can. This is why no two pieces are the same. Each piece is unique with its own character.

Some of our new products are made from stone and petrified wood and have a sturdy under structure of plywood.

Teak is said by many to be the best and most beautiful wood ever, and with its durability and resistance to insects and rot, it is the perfect wood.

Teak is not the cheapest wood, simply the best for the money. It will last forever.

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