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Welcome to Earth's Creations, Incorporated, where nature and history meet in the form of beautiful furniture borne from Mother Earth. We are one of the largest teak furniture companies in the United States and are dedicated to  designing and producing the finest hand made furniture you will find.

Formerly known as Artistic Teak Traders, we have evolved into Earth's Creations, Incorporated. Our beginning revolved primarily around teak root furniture. As we have grown and developed, our ability to bring new products

to life has allowed our furniture line to expand and find new and emerging markets.


Our 25,000 square foot warehouse is located in Camp Hill, Alabama, near Auburn University, where we design and ship our products. We work with some of the world's finest suppliers and our working relationships are strong and productive capacities are well established.


Each of our teak root, stone and carved products are hand made and are meticulously crafted by some of the world's most accomplished artisans. Because these are hand made and uniquely crafted, you will never see two alike. You can be assured your purchase is truly one-of-a-kind.

Earth's Creations was founded by artist and designer Owen Walton, originally as Artistic Teak Traders, Inc., a wholesale company. His vision for teak root furniture and its possibilities has grown into what we are today. As markets change, so will the challenge to meet those opportunities with new products. As we grow and reach new capabilities, we will endeavor to bring new ideas and new products to meet those challenges.

Remember, when you buy a product from us you are buying a product that will last a lifetime.

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